Upcoming series: Homes away from home

When you are out in the wild where do you call home? Your tent? A Hammock? Do you rely on pre fabricated shelter you carry with you, or have you created something personal? 
Whilst travelling around, exploring and visiting other bushcraft or survival friends. I have came across a wide variety of shelters ranging from: primitive one night shelters, extravagant permanent builds and many in between. In this upcoming series I want to showcase mans ability to build, to create something special to them and to share them with everyone.

Building your own home is about desire, fantasy. But its achievable; anyone can do it
- Kevin McCloud

If you would like your own build to feature in the upcoming series please get in touch here. All levels of skill are welcome, wether its a bare boned A-frame or an extravagant lodge thats taken years of hard work and effort. 

Im looking to share from all aspects of life and media, wether your a blogger, simply post on Instagram, or neither and just would like the world to see what you have created please feel free to reach out to me. The series aims to offer an insight into not only the skills of man but also his creativity.

At the end of the series I will announce a winner. The lucky winner will win a £100 mystery box of bushcraft and survival goodies provided by some of my favourite retailers. Good luck to everyone who enters. I look forward to sharing the builds I have already been sent, I hope you are too. Be sure to subscribe and keep up to date with the weekly release.



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