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Does it ever seem like your selling your life short, been in a moment you took a step back from and thought. If only everyone got to feel like this? Got to see this?
Ever found a truly interesting gadget or piece of tech that just made you appreciate mans ability to master all around him?

I grew up on a council estate, sibling number three of fourteen. Like many, funds where limited and I had to make do with what I had, which I did. I grew up around a set of rules, in fact one rule "Be back for tea"! I spent my childhood in woods, parks, exploring rivers and climbing trees. As I hit my teens I lost sight of this passion, my life began to centre around the same things most teenage boys do; Girls, Gadgets and Going out! I had to have the newest phone, the latest game release, I would spend a weeks wages on a designer t-shirt that twenty other people would have on in a club. All to fit in. I lost sight of what had played a huge part of my childhood.
Now I find myself in an almost circular motion, once again in love with the outdoors and exploring. Yet my approach has changed: climbing tress and making tree-houses has been replaced by weekend survival expeditions and shelter building, sandwiches wrapped in tin foil has been outshone by steaks on an open fire and gourmet bush cooking, a flashlight and a penknife have been replaced by an array of gear designed to make my adventures more comfortable.

In the early days of American life the Axe and Knife were the two indispensable tools... With the knife they made spoons, brooms, rakes and bowls; trimmed the skins of the animals they caught, and made the smaller things they needed in the cabin or around it - Philip D. Fagans

Whilst walking deep in the Yorkshire Moors, I came across a runner. I must have been walking for hours before we crossed paths, along with only my beautiful dog Luna, he stopped and I shared my water with him. We chuckled over the fact it was like being on a baron planet, nothing but vast open land. He asked what I was doing out there, so far from anything else. We both couldn't understand why we hadn't passed more people, but we both appreciated the fact just as much.
We exchanged pleasantries and both went about our days, as I saw him disappearing off into the distance. I felt a sudden surge, a sense of pride that I shared an outlook appreciated by not only myself.

So I started to think, could I really use the web to promote what I was doing? I was already enjoying the social media aspect of sharing my travels. Why shouldn't I spread my wings? After speaking to a good friend about the pro's of blogging I figured maybe this was it, my chance to organise my thoughts, to scrap the scribble and sketches and promote what I do in a organised format with a wider reach.

All this got me thinking, who else had lost touch? Who else is stuck in the rat race and forgetting to enjoy the things that are on our doorstep?
Im a Digital Account Manager by day, and a survivalist in my own time... in training at least. The adventures, the stories I could tell. The absolutely amazing scenery I have witnesses I guess my typing frantically is my way of trying to comprehend it all and share it with the world.
Not to share, would be somewhat selfish of me, would be rude.

I started my Instagram page to promote and share some of the gear I was using and the places I was visiting, to provide an insight to family and friends of the lifestyle I had taken a leap back towards. As more and more people started to follow my page, to appreciate my gear reviews and ask for advice.
I started to wonder... how many others are stuck in their day to day as I was. How could I share my love for adventure and bushcraft.

"Bushcraft" is a term for a set of wilderness skills and the practice of thriving and surviving in the natural world. Some of history's most influential men considered a life in the wilderness  a serious endeavour as well as a highly valuable pastime.
The 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt was highly associated with exploration, preservation and a thriving life in the wild.
George Washington was considered an innovator in travelling in the woods and tramping, he practiced bushcraft for recreation. Not as a survival need, but to better himself and reconnect with nature.

The man, who goes afoot, prepared to camp anywhere and in ay weather, is the most independent fellow on earth - Horace Kephart

I hope in creating this blog I am able to share my experiences in a positive way, provide insight into gear both traditional and revolutionary. I hope to be able to provide a window to the beauty I get to see on a regular basis, in the hope that it inspires more to take the leap back towards what makes them happy.

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